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Artist Edit provides personalized video editing service & motion graphic design internationally. If you are looking for an incredible motion design production or a video editing company with high-quality post-production service, please do not hesitate to contact Artist Edit or call us through (+84) 932 347 868 for an in-depth discussion. We are happy to provide our personalized video services that help your audience understand your business perfectly.

We understand how powerful an engaging and authentic video means to the credibility of your business. That is why we always focus on staying up-to-date with modern and professional technology to achieve top-notch quality videos. Artist Edit is consistently investing in its video editing service to ensure we can deliver top-class performance for your business.

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Ryan - Be Better Coaching - Artist Edit Testimonial

“We had the pleasure to work with Artist Edit for the past two years, they had been very professional and creative to meet our demanding standard for our corporate image and branding.

I would recommend Artist Edit to any company who is looking for a great video production to bring your vision into reality.”

Warren Eng

Founder/CEO of Leaders Create Leaders

Leaders Create Leaders - Artist Edit Testimonial

“One guy production’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Rex (Our fearless leader!). I found him as someone with great expertise and profound knowledge of post-production including VFX & Motion Graphics. He becomes one of the most valuable people in our team as I am confident to work with him on our main channel and several big projects with our clients.

Result-driven, experienced, and has no problem working hard when necessary. He is very thorough in everything he does and can be depended upon to get the job done. Definitely worth recommending.”

Scott Weitz

Founder/CEO of Driver Studios

Driver Studios - Artist Edit Testimonial

“Artist Edit is a fast, creative, and most importantly, reliable video production. Always willing to go the extra mile to make a project the best it can be, they are fantastic collaborators to work with, and they are capable of producing work of enormously high quality, and always delivering on time.”

Ryan Denham

Creative Producer, WildBrain Spark

Wildbrain - Artist Edit Testimonial
Ryan - Be Better Coaching - Artist Edit Testimonial

“Artistedit – and Dexter, in particular – have played a big part in the launch of my new business, Being Better Coaching. It was with Dexter’s help that I was able to achieve the exact balance of professional vs. comfortable feeling and colors needed to match the atmosphere of coaching I want to cultivate – no easy task, in my opinion.

I was impressed with his willingness not only to listen to what I was trying to accomplish, but to share in my vision before, during, and after our shoot. He took the time to understand my story, my needs, and the narrative of my business and has become a welcome part of it.

If you are looking for great photography, sound advice on how to realize your vision, and timely results, I am happy to recommend Dexter and ArtistEdit.”


Founder/CEO of Being Better Coaching

“In my role as Creative Producer, I had enjoyed working with Artist Edit directly on the run of the series. Their creative talents and eagerness to help were quite striking even upon our first meeting. Artist Edit rapidly became one of my trusted partners of the series and I learned Rex (Our fearless leader!) was far more than an editor but a visionary filmmaker.

While expanding his artistic abilities, Rex has developed into a true production professional. I was able to rely on them to all videos on time. Although we were a demanding weekly web series, Artist Edit was able to balance professional obligations along with their busy schedule on other projects.”

Eric De Cordova

Creative Producer of Driver Studios

Driver Studios - Artist Edit Testimonial

“Artist Edit Production was introduced by a friend. It’s honestly hard to explain how integral they are to our team. We received tremendous amounts of positive feedback from our target audience, friends, and private connections. The general feedback was that the film was not boring but thoroughly enjoyable due to the smoothly of the storyline. Our target audience was also complimenting us on the range of filming techniques in the film, which ultimately helped us to essentially not be monotonous.

I will definitely recommend Dexter’s service to all foreign expect groups or companies who like to express their new ideas through videos and photos.”

David Wu

Founder of Wu Group

The Wu Group
Ryan - Be Better Coaching - Artist Edit Testimonial

“From 20,000 subscribers to almost 90,000 subscribers in one year thanks to these guys’ brilliant insights. With their professional video production service, they helped increase my vape channel awareness and engagement.

Definitely recommend to any business owner who wants to sell more from their ecommerce store.”

Tuan Nguyen

Founder/CEO of ETOY Vape Store

Leaders Create Leaders - Artist Edit Testimonial

“Working with the Artist Edit is relaxed and comfortable. The videographer created a nice environment for his clients. One of his many strengths is his ability to use lighting very well.  He always makes you look great! My photos serve multiple purposes poses to enhance my business using the photos we have taken.

I often recommend Artist Edit to others for personal shoots as well as workshops and events. They are professional and talented.”

Megan Aderouane

Founder of More Than a Desk

“Artist Edit always surprise me with the quality they bring. I love how they frequently communicate and follow up with customers to understand their ideas at best. Then deliver beyond expectation at the end!

Timely, professional, dedicated; these guys really know how to make it happen!”

Lam Truong

Founder of Kazure & Product Owner of Amanotes

Lady Tao - Artist Edit Testimonial
Ryan - Be Better Coaching - Artist Edit Testimonial

“Artist Edit is very professional, videos are very well edited and communication is always very open. If you are looking for a video production, they are a good option and I highly recommend them.”

Ken Teng

Creator of Chicken Genius Singapore

“Artist Edit is a very skilled video production. They know how to bring out the feeling and atmosphere, not only thought the music track they choose but the effects and style they use to edit.

Communication is excellent, and I always got the video I had imagined in my mind, based on 1-2 revisions.”

André Mikalsen

Founder/CEO of Mikalsen Utvikling

Mikalsen Utvikling
Durell Coleman

“Artist Edit was great to work with. They had fantastic communication, were very professional & patient with me even when I was the one slowing us down, and are highly skilled at what they do. I will definitely work with them again in the future!”

Durell Coleman

Founder/CEO of DC Design


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