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Artist Edit provides personalized video editing service for Customer Testimonial Video internationally. If you are looking for an incredible freelance video editor or a video editing company with high-quality post-production service for your customer testimonial video, please do not hesitate to contact Artist Edit or call us through (+84) 932 347 868 for an in-depth discussion. We are happy to provide our personalized video editing service that helps sculpt high impact vlogs and helps your business grow.

We understand how powerful an engaging and authentic customer testimonial video means to the credibility of your business. That is why we always focus on staying up-to-date with modern and professional editing style to achieve top-notch quality videos. Artist Edit is consistently investing in its video editing service to ensure we can deliver top-class performance for your business.

What Is A Customer Testimonial Video?

 A client testimonial is merely an existing customer of your product and services talking about their experience with your corporate. Consumer testimonials take lots of forms, but the 2 most usual are written testimonial and customer testimonial video.

A camera pointing at two business people doing an interview and testimonial with text What Is A Customer Testimonial Video

So, What is a testimonial video? This is the video that shows your client speaking about your company and your product. This reveals your customer’s experience of working with your firm. Customer testimonial video adds an extra component of persuasiveness and personality, making them the means to go in convincing your audience to take action.

The reality is that 85% of consumers search for evaluations and reviews online prior to making a purchase. The best step you can make is to take advantage of this fact and start the discussion yourself!

The trick to a testimonial video is truthfulness and authenticity. It is crucial to prioritize sharing a client’s experience in his/her own words to make the best use of the effect (and validity) of the story.

There are lots of great reasons to develop a customer testimonial video for your company. Businesses use customer testimonials to build credibility, so they should be a must in any strategy for video marketing.

Here are some of the powerful video testimonial tips on how to make professional testimonial video that converts.

How To Ask Client For Video Testimonial?

It could be a tough job to ask for a customer testimonial video but not impossible.

You just need to be actively aware and take the opportunity as it comes.

You may ask, “So, how to have a client do a testimonial video?“

Take two completely different fields – one, a marketing company, and one, an education company (selling courses & classes). Both have different areas of work and different target audiences, so one style of requesting the testimonial may not work with another.

For a service-based organization with one-on-one deals:

two business man handshake with text One-On-One Deals

It is usually an excellent plan to ask the client personally (over the phone is likewise best, particularly when discussing work experience with them.) The moment your client compliments you regarding just how your solution has actually been helpful to their business. That IS the RIGHT moment to bring up the designated conversation.

Do not lose this possibility to nicely ask if it is alright for them to film a video testimonial with you. Be very patient and wait for the clients to say, “Yes.”

In the future, follow up with them via e-mail or a telephone call before the heat dies down. In addition, you may also send a comprehensive e-mail and consist of suggested questions you would like for them to address. Again, be very patient and give them ample time to digest your requests and recommend means and times to obtain the video testimonial.

Keeping a “nice and friendly” mindset while you are requesting for a customer testimonial video. Favorably motivate your clients by telling them exactly how you mean to distribute the video clip and exactly how it would benefit them too. Such as growing their exposure and authenticity.

Remember! Refrain from being too demanding. It may put them off. Be gentle and friendly across the whole process. That is how to ask client for video testimonial.

For Event-based businesses with teams of individuals:

many people party with drinks with text teams of individuals

A course or any other group activity-oriented organization has several environments and different types of clients. It’s generally simpler to get a video clip testimonial in such organizations. However, it still requires you to “pick up the appropriate moment” to request video testimonial.

After the course or event, when everyone is riding high with a range of emotions, this could be the right time to announce that you are updating the website. You would certainly like to do an individual customer testimonial video with everyone. In addition, record and illustrate their fantastic journey as well as several other preferred experiences to show to the people who are still on the verge of deciding.

Likewise, a group testimonial could be an excellent way to show how much fun the course is. Such video clips send out the vibrancy of your clients in a group setting. When they concur, you can tell them the medium you would use to catch it. For example, It could be via FaceTime, Zoom, video camera, or mobile device. Also, let them know about how you would distribute this customer testimonial video.

What To Ask For During A Video Testimonial?

A perfect customer testimonial regarding written or video form must combine three main components. These are what to get out of video testimonial. Keep it short, concise, and authentic!

hands holding microphone and recorder doing an interview with text What To Ask For During A Video Testimonial

What were the problems they were having before using your services?

(This could mean what made them decide to use your product/ service)

What was the experience working with us?

(Let them share the experience from communication to final delivery)

What benefit have we brought to your business?

(This could mean what problems your company have solved for them)

(Additional) Who would you recommend our business?

(This is an opportunity to attract a specific target customer, I.e., dentist, plumber)

With these three main questions, you will be guaranteed to have a strong and effective testimonial that any potential customers can relate to.

Interview Video Editing for International Event Video Production (Outsource)

Suppose you are a Video Production looking to outsource the work for a customer testimonial video editing company. In that case, Artist Edit could potentially be an excellent start. We offer a unique pricing plan for agencies and video productions across the globe. Our goal is to build a long-lasting relationship with you, so we will make sure our workflow will be as frictionless as humanly possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact Artist Edit to see if we are a great fit to be an asset to your production.

Artist Edit Testimonial Video Production (Vietnam-Based)

For businesses located in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh city. If you are looking for a professional team, who can produce an authentic and professional customer testimonial video that can actually help increase your sales and gain credibility in the eyes of your audience. Please do not hesitate to contact us now for a quick chat on how we can help you produce customer testimonial video for your audiences.

Here are some of our service video testimonial sample:

We will help you develop a powerful question list that allows your clients to provide helpful answers. These answers will be a powerful asset and help build your business credibility tremendously.

At this time, our Video Editing Services include

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How Much Do Video Editors Charge?

(Our prices start at $150)

You may be wondering, how much do video editors charge? While this is a good question, it is difficult for us to give an accurate answer.

The reason being the nature of video editing services are based on three main factors

Video Length (The total length of your footage)

Complexity (VFX, Motion Graphic, Typography)

Operational Cost (Asset, Stocks & Materials)

For example, a simple but long video (+2 hours of footage) done in 2 days could be charged equally to a complicated but short video (2 minutes) done in 2 weeks.

Above all, we want to give you an accurate answer to your benefit. However, that would require more information from you.

In that case, is it a terrible idea for us to have a quick conversation to know if we are a good fit for your team?

You can contact us today or call us through (+84) 932 347 868 and receive an accurate quotation for your project.

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