Explainer Video Freelancer For Hire

Explainer Video Freelancer For Hire

Artist Edit provides high performing Explainer Video Freelancers internationally. If you are looking for an incredible freelance animator, video editor, or an explainer video company with high-quality post-production service for your service industry explainer video, please do not hesitate to contact Artist Edit or call us through (+84) 932 347 868 for an in-depth discussion. We are happy to provide our personalized explainer video service that helps your business grow.

Aobve all, we understand how powerful an engaging and authentic explainer video means to the credibility of your business. That is why we always focus on staying up-to-date with modern and professional software and technology to achieve top-notch quality videos. Artist Edit is consistently investing in its explainer video freelancers to ensure we can deliver top-class performance for your business.

What Is An Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short-form video commonly used for marketing or sales purposes that illustrates the company’s product, service, or business concept persuasively and efficiently. This type of video is widely used by marketers to tell the stories of their products memorably in a fun, engaging, and colorful way.

Evidently, companies everywhere are excited about it, and you should definitely get a piece of it too. Specifically, this types of videos have become increasingly popular – some sites report conversion rates increasing by as much as 84 percent after featuring an informative video on their website. Fun fact, do you know that 87 percent of companies are using explainer videos to raise their sales? It is proving to be a reliable form of communication loved by the audience.

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In addition to an explainer video definition, there are two types of an explainer video:

Live-Action Explainer Videos:

A non-animated promotional video revealing your company’s services or product. Live-action explainer video clips usually are best for businesses that offer physical products or people-oriented services. For example, a dining establishment, or business consultant. Having real people in your explainer video can create an emotional connection for viewers, as we are naturally attracted to other human faces.

Animated Explainer Videos:

The most prominent type of explainer video. Computer animation is frequently the preferred layout for illustrating services or intangible tech items. For instance, software, online services, and online platforms. In addition, animated explainer videos permit a lot of creativity. They are easier to modify or upgrade when you intend to make future changes.

If you are in need to find Explainer Video Freelancer For Hire, please do not hesitate to contact Artist Edit or call us through (+84) 932 347 868 for an in-depth discussion.

Why Explainer Video?

You may be asking, “Why You Need An Explainer Video?”

There are 3 main reasons why every business need to invest in a high-engaging explainer video:

Concise, informative, and consumer-friendly: 

First of all, explainer videos are condensed. Customers LOVE online videos since it provides the most amount of info in the smallest quantity of time. The typical individual on the internet has an attention span of 8 secs. If the web content on your site does not get their focus in that amount of time, they’ll carry on to a different place.

Therefore, the longer you hold the attention of your target market, the more probable they are to invest even more time on your website. Creating for such a condensed layout can be difficult. Yet, the outcome is a message that is sufficient to hit home with your target market truly.

How people prefer to learn about a product service
Infographic statistic about explainer video and commonly created types of video

Guaranteed Web Traffic & Conversion:

 Numbers do not lie. If you are still considering whether or not you should find an explainer video freelancer for your business and website. These are some statistics that should help you make your decision.

“The most commonly-created types of video are explainer videos (72%) presentation videos (49%) testimonial videos (48%) sales videos (42%) and video ads (42%)”, Video Marketing Statistics by Wyzowl.

86% of people would like to see more videos from brands. Out of these, 36% say they’d most like to see more educational/explainer video style content, with 14% wanting to see more product demos.”, Video Marketing Statistics by Wyzowl.

“Rypple, recently changed to work.com, a social performance management platform owned by Salesforce, recently added an explainer video to their homepage and increased conversion rates by 20%.”

87 percent of companies are using explainer videos to raise their sales”

And many more…

It’s An Emotional Journey For The Visitor

Explainer Video is a wonderful tool since it can generate substantial feelings. Every aspect of production enhances this, making it easier to attach to the audience’s mind in numerous ways.

Voice Over: Entrusted to only words on the screen, the visitor might review them with an unwanted inner tone. Yet with a voice-over, you have full control over the tones you’re establishing as well as the message you desire, boosting the emotional reaction tremendously.

Music: Comparable to voice over, music affects our state of mind. Whether used to establish the tone or boost the story forward, it’s a fantastic narration tool.

Visuals: Despite Having Morgan Freeman as your voice-over and also John Williams accountable for music, your video clip is most absolutely a visually aesthetic experience. The images shown tell the story in a compelling and engaging way. This is an additional reason that explainer videos are an outstanding outlet to illustrate abstract concepts or complicated topics.

Should Your Explainer Video Tell A Story?

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Definitely! Story-telling has a vital function to play in an explainer video. Research studies have revealed time after time that visual sense is one of the strongest strong factors that drive human beings. After all, a well-crafted narration makes it simpler for the authors to develop a passionate connection with the audience and the product/service.

Think of the advertisements you first saw on TELEVISION as a youngster for instance. You might not keep in mind every one of them. However, just those that had engaging narrations are still fresh in your head.

To create unique and passionate connections with brand names. Marketing experts nowadays are making use of storytelling in their advertising explainer videos as a reliable device to maintain their audiences momentarily for a minute.

Customers remember better when the information is informed to them in the form of a story. Storytelling is nothing brand-new. It has existed since the beginning of humankind. However, when we talk about explainer video, this method has expanded remarkably.

Understanding this, Artist Edit highly invested in their explainer video freelancer and explainer video production to craft the perfect story that both convey your business messages and the story that sticks in your audience head for a long time.

How Long Should Your Explainer Video Be?

How long should your explainer video be statistic

TL, DR: Shorter is Better! One minute is the sweet spot for Explainer Video. Two minutes is the maximum to hold the highest amount of retention rate.

The excellent spot for an explainer video is 1 to 2 mins long. When the explainer video duration gets to 2 mins in length, the average views go down from 82% to 62%. As you can see, this is a considerable distinction when we’re referring to various sorts of explainer videos.

Explainer videos which are much shorter than one minute have the most significant target market retention rate. Explainer videos are meant to be condensed with full of information for visitors.

In addition, the data claims the ordinary target market retention rate of a 1-minute explainer video (or much less) is 77%.

It implies that a 60-second video clip (generally) will undoubtedly hold visitors’ interest for about 47 secs. After 3 or 4 mins, individuals will just quit enjoying a video clip concerned despite its top quality.

Furthermore, the target market retention rate progressively lowers as the duration rises. Specifically, the longer the explainer video is, the fewer customers it preserves. Suppose it goes longer than the 2-minute mark. In that case, it will likely have an unfavorable influence on the visitors, making them want to turn off the video.

What Is The Process of Explainer Video Voice Over?

Artist Edit provides professional voice actors and voice actresses with different characteristics in vocals. As a result, this way ensures they can fit with every project. For instance, they can be a dynamic, sporty radio person to a calm and sincere personality.

Furthermore, clients are welcomed to bring their voice actors & actresses onboard. You can contact us right now to discuss more if you have any questions about our explainer video freelancers.

What Is The Process of Explainer Video Script?

Suppose you have found Artist Edit an excellent fit for your business. We can move forward to our production. Artist Edit’s team will craft highly engaging and condensed explainer video scripts with our writers and creative directors based on our discussion.

With the information about your business and your product/service. We can discuss the goal of this video and the story we want to tell the audience. Above all, we want to focus on bringing the best of your businesses out, along with illustrating it in the most comprehensive and dynamic way.

After that, our explainer video freelancers will handle the rest of the production process, and the rest will be history. Please don’t hesitate to let us know more about your business by contacting us today!

Explainer Video Freelancer (For Agency)

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Suppose you are a Video Production or a Marketing Agency looking to outsource the work for an explainer video freelancer. In that case, Artist Edit could potentially be an excellent start. We offer a unique pricing plan for agencies and video production across the globe. Above all, our goal is to build a long-lasting relationship with you. We will make sure our workflow will be as frictionless as humanly possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact Artist Edit to see if we are a great fit to be an asset to your production.

At this time, our Video Editing Services include

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Our Animated Explainer Video Pricing:

(Our prices start at $397)

You may be wondering, how much does the explainer video freelancer charge? While this is a good question, it is difficult for us to give an accurate answer.

The reason being the nature of video editing services are based on three main factors

Video Length (The total length of your footage)

Complexity (VFX, Motion Graphic, Typography)

Operational Cost (Asset, Stocks & Materials)

For example, a simple but long explainer video (more than 3 minutes) done in 7 days could be charged equally to a complicated but short video (30 seconds) done in 7 weeks.

After all, we want to give you an accurate answer on the explainer video pricing to your benefit. However, that would require more information from you.

In that case, is it a terrible idea for us to have a quick conversation to know if we are a good fit for your team?

You can contact us today or call us through (+84) 932 347 868 and receive an accurate quotation for your project.

Ready To Start?

Ready to start working with our high performing explainer video freelancer? Please do not hesitate to contact us now for a quick chat on how we can help you produce a comprehensive and effective explainer video for your audiences.

We will work with you to create a personalized workflow in data management and schedule. This workflow ensures we can produce top-notch results while staying consistent with a tight deadline. Communication is the key to a successful project! You can contact us here, or you can call us through (+84) 932 347 868