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Video Editing Service For Social Media Video Ad

Artist Edit provides personalized video editing service for Social Media Video Ad internationally. If you are looking for an incredible freelance video editor or a video editing company with high-quality post-production service for social media video ads, please do not hesitate to contact Artist Edit or call us through (+84) 932 347 868 for an in-depth discussion. We are happy to provide our personalized video editing service that helps develop a highly engaging social media video ad that helps your business grow.

Above all, we understand how powerful an eye-catching and dynamic social media video ad means to the sales and profits of your business. That is why we always focus on staying up-to-date with our assets, graphic elements, and software to achieve captivating top-notch video ads. In addition, Artist Edit is consistently investing in its video editing service to ensure we can deliver top-class performance for your social media video ad.

What Are Social Video Ads?

Social Media Video Ad is a video clip customized explicitly for each social platform with paid placements to achieve certain outcomes.

From time to time, social video ads are among the fastest and most efficient means to get in touch with our target market. Specifically, these little advertisements take advantage of all the information from people’s social networks to deliver the contents that are as personalized as possible; therefore, increase conversion.

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What are they for? They are for organizations or nonprofits with a specific target market and clearly defined objectives. They are for businesses who want to expand their market and increase their brand awareness.

In addition, Social Video Ads are a great fit if you want to measure ROI and track efficiency.

What are The Benefits of Video Advertising?

Above all, the primary benefit of social media video advertisement lies in its ability to guarantee ROI. However, it only works if you learn to do it probably. With a hooking intro with the captivating story, many businesses have been generating a tremendous increase in sales.

In addition, a typical social media video ad has view time boosted by 19% in recent times. Greater than 50% of customers claiming they love video web content from brands they follow. Furthermore, it’s approximated that the investment in social media video advertising will undoubtedly get to $20 billion by 2020. Following up, these are some of the statistics which may interest you:

8 Out Of 10 People Have Purchased After Watching Brand's Video
82% Of Global Internet Traffic Will come From Video
87% Marketing Professionals Use Video
88% Video Marketers Are Satisfied With The ROI

The ROI of the advertising and marketing with videos pleases 88% of marketing experts on social networks.

There is a 97% rise in client acquisition after a visitor finds the video ad enjoyable

Instagram saw the most significant development in driving purchases over any type of social media platform. Boosting from 31% in 2017 to 48% in 2018

70% of marketing experts utilize YouTube to enhance their online visibility

Sponsored video ads on Facebook has skyrocketed to 258% since 2016

Video Editing Service For Social Media Video Ad

(International Video Production or Marketing Agency)

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Suppose you are a Marketing Agency looking to outsource the work for a social media video ad video editing company. In that case, Artist Edit could potentially be an excellent start. We offer a unique pricing plan for agencies and video production across the globe. Abobe all, our goal is to build a long-lasting relationship with you. Therefore, we will make sure our workflow will be as frictionless as humanly possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact Artist Edit to see if we are a great fit to be an asset to your production.

At this time, our Video Editing Services include

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Our Promo Video Editing Cost:

(Our prices start at $150)

You may be wondering, how much do video editors charge? While this is a good question, it is difficult for us to give an accurate answer.

The reason being the nature of video editing services are based on three main factors

Video Length (The total length of your footage)

Complexity (VFX, Motion Graphic, Typography)

Operational Cost (Asset, Stocks & Materials)

For example, a simple but long video (+2 hours of footage) done in 2 days could be charged equally to a complicated but short video (2 minutes) done in 2 weeks.

Above all, we want to give you an accurate answer to your benefit. However, that would require more information from you.

In that case, is it a terrible idea for us to have a quick conversation to know if we are a good fit for your team?

You can contact us today or call us through (+84) 932 347 868 and receive an accurate quotation for your project.


Ready to start working with our editing video for social media service ? Please do not hesitate to contact us now for a quick chat on how we can help you produce a captivating social media video ad for your potential customers.

We will work with you to create a personalized workflow in data management and schedule. As a result, this workflow ensures we can produce top-notch results while staying consistent with a tight deadline. Communication is the key to a successful project! You can contact us here, or you can call us through (+84) 932 347 868


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