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Artist Edit provides a high-engaging & watch-time retaining YouTube video editor for hire internationally. If you are looking to hire a video editor for YouTube or a YouTube video production service with high-quality post-production for your YouTube channel, please do not hesitate to contact Artist Edit or call us through (+84) 932 347 868 for an in-depth discussion. We are happy to provide our personalized video editing service that helps your channel grow.

Above all, we understand how crucial high watch-time can be to the success of your YouTube channel. That factor is what makes YouTube promote your videos to millions of audiences across the platform. In addition, we always focus on staying up-to-date with seamless, modern, and dynamic video editing techniques. This can helps us achieve top-notch quality videos that maintain viewership as long as possible.

At the same time, Artist Edit is consistently investing in its YouTube Video Editor For Hire. We are a great extension to the message you want to deliver in your video.

When Should I Hire A Video Editor For Youtube?

Almost all of the major YouTubers hire a video editor for YouTube to be on their team. That being said, It doesn’t mean there are no small channels that do the same thing.

Hiring a video editor for your YouTube channel is an investment. Therefore, it should be treated as a business decision. Depending on your goal of doing YouTube, you can consider who you should bring in your team.

There are typically two situations where you should consider looking into YouTube Video Editor For Hire:

You are a YouTuber

When your channel has been growing, and you have been earning income from your YouTube channel (Sponsorship, Patreon, Google Advert, etc.). This is when you want to take your business more seriously. In this case, It is time to take the next step!

This is the best time to hire a video editor for YouTube. They are specialized in crafting high-engaging videos so you can save hours of editing. As a result, you can focus on increasing your content, expanding your network, and offering services or products from your side business to your audience.

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You are an entrepreneur

You are an entrepreneur who wants to utilize YouTube as a platform to tap into the new target market. Moreover, you aim to expand your brand name with the goal of promoting your services & products to millions of audiences. If that is the case, then invest in a YouTube video editor for hire is your best bet. Notably, in today’s world, where videos dominate the internet, it is not a strange decision for a successful business to hire a video editor for youtube in their team.

Additionally, if you are a brand who wants to produce a video series to get exposure on YouTube, your team will definitely need a high-performing video editor.

Of course, looking into a YouTube video editor for hire is not for everyone. For instance, if you are a small YouTube who is building your channel from scratch, it would be better to consider learning how to edit video properly. After all, giving your personal touch in your editing can create a unique personality for your channel.

Why Should You Choose Artist Edit? Our Experience?

Artist Edit provides specialized video editing service for entrepreneurs, online influencers, and businesses. We offer personalized motion graphics, VFX & typography especially designed to bring out a minimal yet elegant look. That is the reason each of our client’s channels we have worked on has its own unique and different style based on their personality and brand identity.

In addition, several brands & businesses, including WildBrain/DHX Media, DreamWorks, Nickelodeon, Driver Studios, as well as many other YouTube channels have trusted Artist Edit’s YouTube Video Editor For Hire. Here are some of the loves from our clients:

YouTube Video Editor For Hire

(For International Video Production & Video Agency)

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Suppose you are an Video Production or Media Agency looking to outsource the work for a YouTube video editor for hire. In that case, Artist Edit could potentially be an excellent start. Specifically, we offer a unique pricing plan for agencies and video productions across the globe. Above all, our goal is to build a long-lasting relationship with you. We will make sure our workflow will be as frictionless as humanly possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact Artist Edit to see if we are a great fit to be an asset to your production.

How To Hire A Full-Time Editor For Youtube Channel?

After all, the process of hiring a full-time video editor for your YouTube channel is relatively simple. What you need to prepare is some basic information about your channel and brand:

1. What is your YouTube channel & Brand about?

2. Your brand identity (logo, color theme, brand’s music, etc.)

3. Your Personality & Your Style

4. What are you valuing? What do you want to achieve?

With all the information, please do not hesitate to contact us now for a quick chat on how our team we can flourish your videos and help your YouTube channel grow.

How Much Do Video Editors Charge?

(Our prices start at $150)

You may be wondering, how much do video editors charge? While this is a good question, it is difficult for us to give an accurate answer.

The reason being the nature of video editing services are based on three main factors

Video Length (The total length of your footage)

Complexity (VFX, Motion Graphic, Typography)

Operational Cost (Asset, Stocks & Materials)

For example, a simple but long video (+2 hours of footage) done in 2 days could be charged equally to a complicated but short video (2 minutes) done in 2 weeks.

Above all, we want to give you an accurate answer to your benefit. However, that would require more information from you.

In that case, is it a terrible idea for us to have a quick conversation to know if we are a good fit for your team?

You can contact us today or call us through (+84) 932 347 868 and receive an accurate quotation for your project.


Ready to start working with our YouTube Video Editor For Hire? Please do not hesitate to contact us now for a quick chat on how we can help you produce highly engaging YouTube videos for your audiences.

We will work with you to create a personalized workflow in data management and schedule. As a result, this workflow ensures we can produce top-notch results while staying consistent with a tight deadline. Communication is the key to a successful project! You can contact us here, or you can call us through (+84) 932 347 868


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